Cambridge in 360° Video (2017)

Explore the River Cam and the University of Cambridge in this 360° Tour of Cambridge, UK. For 360° video inquiries contact us at [email protected] EverView are the UK's premiere 360˚ Video marketing specialists. Providing omnidirectional video tours for the property, commercial and event industries. An EverView is a window to our vibrant world, full of possibility. Using the latest in 360˚ Video technology, EverView puts you in another environment through your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or Virtual Reality headset, giving you a perspective that was once impossible. Be it a dream home, sports stadium or live event, EverView puts your viewer right in the middle of that experience and allows them to control their view by moving a device around in physical space. EverView uses the latest in omnidirectional video technology to simultaneously record Ultra HD 4K Video in 360 degrees.
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almost 3 years ago