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45ACIDBABIES: Samsung Gear 360.

Shot in Samsung Gear 360 and stitched using our own workflow this video shows the maximum capabilities of this tiny sensors shooting at night. The best experience you can get from this footage is with the original file played on a Samsung Gear VR. Viewed online there is compression artifacts degradation but reasonably good on youtube or omnivirt. Even with the gopro vr player it looks pretty good. If you are going to view it online through your Samsung Gear VR, then, actual quality will drop under SD standards. Call us for any event you would like to shoot with us!. We are experts and able to deliver to any standards. Follow our website:
Tags:      bisivle    gear    samsung    vr    360    virtual    reality    45    acid    babies    daniel    maurelle    the netherlands    almere    concerts    pop    electronic    music    
over 4 years ago