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Pres. Duterte reached out to Miriam Santiago and offered to replace Supreme Court Justice Sereno!

President Rodrigo Duterte asked his friend Ex Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago to replace Chief Justice Ma Lourdes and work under his administration. Duterte also offered Miriam to have her medication at the Abramson Cancer Center. Senator Miriam was reached by President Rody through phone calls. The president asked him how is she, there goes their conversation that took them to the point where the president offered the Chief Justice position to the intelligent senator. As of the moment, President Duterte is using all his connections so Sen. Miriam can have her cancer treatment at the Abramson where best medications for cancers are offered. But this news is just one of the ideas of the people online. This is not true and a pure hoax. But who knows? Duterte might change his mind and do this!
Tags:      Duterte    
over 4 years ago