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The Lost Boy VR

A short film about losing touch with your child lost in his virtual world. A search for reconnection through the different realities of old-town grit and Vegas glitter. The story follows a mother who is lost between Old Town and Las Vegas looking for her son who she’s lost touch with as he gets drawn more and more into his virtual world of gaming. She tracks him down through clues found in Old Town that help her trace his movements along the Strip in Las Vegas, until she finally finds him. When she does, she entices him to come along using the last hint, a brightly coloured helium balloon, a symbol of a new life in some games. As they drive off, the balloon bobbing outside the car window, we see the balloon getting loose, like their tenuous new connection, and flying off into the air. Cast and Credits: Project creators: Suzanne Lagerweij and Jim Malcolm Producer: Suzanne Lagerweij Music and Sound: Edwin de Herder Female character: Suzanne Lagerweij Little boy: Giancarlo Fonseca Camera: Vuze Camera Editing Software: Humaneyes and Adobe Tech support: Wouter Lagerweij Field of Views Production http:
Tags:      VR     360 video    Las Vegas    The lost boy    Field of Views    
almost 3 years ago