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#VOOM Pitch 2018 Virtual Weddings

This is a 360° virtual reality film and is best watched in the Youtube app although it can still be viewed on a desktop and navigated using the arrow keys. This is our #VOOM pitch for 2018. Please take a moment to share our pitch page and to vote for us so that we can make virtual reality films a part of everyones favourite life events. https: At Virtual Weddings we specialise in creating Virtual Reality and 360 Live Streams of weddings around the world. Forget the standard wedding videographer and step into a fully immersive memory experience. Contact us if you would like to know more about booking us to make this for you or if you just want to say hello :) [email protected]
Tags:      VOOM     360     pitch     start up     angel investment     virtual weddnigs     business     entrepreneur    female founder     virtual weddings    
about 3 years ago