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360 Video: Wonderspaces

The creators of Wonderspaces liken their production to an old school traveling circus, but their version includes setting up beautiful art and tearing it down for the next city. They are a startup and San Diego is the first stop on their tour. The art is immersive and interactive, featuring installations from SXSW, Burning Man, Sundance and Coachella. It's extremely visual and customers are encouraged to be a part of it. An example of that is a wall people can stick anonymous and personal notes into, to be read by future customers passing through. Another installation features 19 miles worth of strings hung up vertically alongside each other. Next, the exhibit will go to Austin, Phoenix and then Denver
Tags:      360    wonder    spaces    wonderspaces    san diego    kgtv    scripps    ew scripps company    
6 months ago
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