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Media and Entertainment

Drive awareness and tune-in with OmniVirt for Entertainment
Virtual Reality in Media and Entertainment Industr
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360° Video

With so many shows and movies to go see, a standard 2D trailer doesn't cut it anymore. Launch your film or tv-series with an immersive 360° ad campaigns that outperform traditional 2D formats

Bring Your Characters To Life

3D Ads, AR Ads

Allow the audience to interact with their favorite characters with OmniVirt AR/3D Solutions

3D Ads, AR Ads

Drag to interact with model

Viewers stand to attention for 50 Shades Darker 360 video ads
10 Uplift in CTR
2 Avg. Time Spent
Viewers stand to attention for 50 Shades Darker 360 video ads

Enrich the viewer experience

Build Your Fanbase

Enrich your website experience by enabling users to view immersive content on your property

Scale 360° to Snapchat and Instagram

360° Video

Power immersive 360° experiences across social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram

Global leaders in Media and Entertainment trust OmniVirt

We witnessed a 10x uplift in engagement across mobile display placements when compared to the control ad unit, and saw viewers spending around 2 minutes in this experience on mobile devices.
Leigh Godfrey VP, Marketing

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