How to Manage and Track Your Online Campaigns

There is nothing that is able to get you directly in front of your target demographic and local market than a properly managed online advertising campaign. However, in order to know if your efforts are affective, you must have the ability to track your online campaigns.

Marketing campaigns are highly measurable, which means that there are a number of tools that allow you to track your clicks, visitors, conversions and other important factors that will ultimately impact your ROI.

The scary fact is that you can also waste a good deal of money on various marketing efforts, which is why it is important to not only effectively manage your online marketing campaign efforts, but also track your online campaigns for overall effectiveness and reach.

Managing Your Online Campaigns

When you effectively manage your online campaigns, you will have the opportunity to deliver content that is personalized in order to create a memorable experience for your visitors. It will also allow you to leverage your campaigns across several platforms: website, mobile and email. Effective management of your campaigns will answer the following three questions:

  1. Are your campaigns being talked about by your audience?
  2. Are your campaigns driving new website traffic?
  3. Are the campaigns you have actually making money?

Tracking Your Online Campaigns

Analytics software is the most popular tool for tracking online campaigns. These tools can provide you with real time reporting that is based on actual customer behavior analysis. Three other ways that you can monitor the actual ROI of your online marketing campaigns are listed here:

  1. Goal Tracking: While analytic software will monitor your marketing efforts, you also need to establish custom goals, which includes what you want your website to achieve;
  2. Spent money vs. profits: You want to ensure that the money you are bringing in is more than what is going out;
  3. Tracking software.

Each of these techniques will help you track the ROI of your actual online marketing campaigns and can give you insight into whether or not your efforts are paying off, or if your marketing dollars should be put into other avenues of exposure.

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