Webinar: How to Launch 3D Photo Ads on Facebook and the Web

We hosted a webinar on how to launch 3D Photo Ads on Facebook and the Web.

This article gives you the download on all that was discussed during the webinar. We hope you find it useful!

3D Photo Ads Webinar Recording


3D Photo Ads Webinar Key Takeaways

The Future of 3D is NOW

As content progresses to become more immersive, brands have a huge opportunity to tap into a format that is easy to create and guarantees higher engagement.

Convert 2D into 3D

What content works best in this medium?

Perspective with clear foreground and background, having Color Variety, and featuring People/Faces.

Watch webinar above for examples and explanations. 

What are depth map best practices?

Use all gray tones, blur object edges, and create fake layers to emphasize depth.

Access our free Depth Analyzer to see depth maps from your favorite 3D Photos to help learn more best practices.

Launch 3D Ads

Read this tutorial to get started.

Next steps

Start creating your ad at omnivirt.com/3d-photo. Email us at [email protected] with any questions!