Warby Parker Virtual Try On: Review

Warby Parker Virtual Try On is a way for customers who have the Glasses by Warby Parker app to virtually try on glasses using their front-facing camera. It’s a cool use of augmented reality in marketing.

But the bigger question is: does it work? Is it an effective augmented reality marketing strategy?

Our teammate gave it a try:

warby parker virtual try on

Here’s her review:

Virtual Try On is not a substitute, but it makes purchase easy

“I’ve always been a fan of the Home Try On option with Warby Parker because of how much glasses can frame your face and influence your overall appearance. I was excited to test Warby Parker Virtual Try On. When I virtually tried on glasses, I could see that the face tracking was done really well and it did give me a good sense of how certain glasses looked on me. I still like getting a sense of how glasses feel on my face, but this is a good way to get customers like me to the store.

I was surprised that the app made it so easy to buy–I wasn’t quite ready to do that, but will definitely visit the store.”

The interface is intuitive

“It took me maybe 20 seconds to figure out how to activate the Virtual Try On feature. Even if a user wasn’t seeking it out, the app nudges you in the direction and it’s really easy to get started.”

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Lighting matters

One thing I like to test is how the glasses look in different lighting like night or day. This is a little hard on the app because the glasses you virtually try on are 3D models with pre-fixed lighting. So it’s not the best judge of color. However, like I said, I am definitely more likely to go into the store.”

See it in action: