Power Virtual Reality Email Campaigns with OmniVirt

Most 360° VR video players will require you to download an application to watch the content on your phone. With OmniVirt, we want to make accessing 360° VR Video easy. This is why we have built OmniVirt in a way that allows you to experience and share your 360°VR videos anywhere on the web, no app necessary.

We have seen many of our customers using our technology to power 360° VR email campaigns. Whether you are a publisher, a brand, or a creator of 360° VR content, we know you want to get as many people to see your 360° VR masterpiece as possible. Now you can simply link the OmniVirt experience to your email campaigns and within a tap your entire email distribution list will have access to your 360° VR Video.

Both YouTube and Facebook’s 360° Video players are not supported on iOS Safari and most mobile web browsers. So instead of sending broken experiences and links that won’t work, we encourage you to send the experience through OmniVirt.


Try sharing 360° Video YouTube or Facebook Video and Compare with OmniVirt:

You will find OmniVirt is the best tool to distribute your 360° Virtual Reality campaigns. Let us know how it goes and as always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.


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