AdsOptimal launches 3DX, a solution that delivers Virtual Reality content across all platforms. The system is built in the way that VR content can be loaded and rendered instantly without app installation required. The experience can also be embedded with traditional media such as websites and apps. This allows VR content to reach broader audiences in a faster way.

Wide range of Virtual Reality devices compatibility

VR developers build content once and run on any platforms with AdsOptimal.

AdsOptimal’s mission is to “Bring Virtual Reality experience to mainstream”

We believe VR can become mainstream today if
1. No setup or installation is required
2. Work across platforms and devices

Audiences use their smartphones every day but majority of them do not have VR apps installed. So we build a platform in the way that everything is served in realtime.

Getting someone to install an app takes a lot of efforts. First, they need to switch to the app store, then hit install button, type in password, wait to download, wait to install, then open the app. Majority of cell phone browsing are on cellular data, which also makes the process even longer.

It will be faster for audiences if they can see the VR experiences right on existing websites or apps that they are browsing. In this way, Virtual Reality experiences can be viewed instantly. With AdsOptimal, VR developers can present it without additional setup required.

Majority of audiences do not have VR headsets with them. So we make our platform work with and without headsets.

Oculus Rift has shipped more than 100,000 kits worldwide. The number is impressive, however it is still considerably low compared to the number of billion audiences in the mobile world. We expect the growth of VR headsets shipment to continue. But still, we cannot expect audiences to bring Virtual Reality headsets with them everywhere, unlike smartphone.

While VR headsets give full VR experience, it is more convenient for audiences to view Virtual Reality experience directly on their smartphone screen. The solution gives both options for audiences to see experience with and without VR headsets. Since majority of audiences do not own VR headsets at the present, this helps VR developers to reach mainstream audiences better.

AdsOptimal’s Business Model

Ability to deliver VR content across platforms can be applied to various industries. We started using this technology with brands inside our existing display ad network. Audiences find the ads more interesting when they are in Virtual Reality, as they interact and spend more time with the advertisers’ content. Revenues from ads allows our team to build better platform to deliver Virtual Reality content.


On AdsOptimal 3DX website, the team have prepared live demos for cross-platform Virtual Reality.

Next steps

We are seeking broader partnerships with content creators, developers, brands and publishers. If you are interested in partnerships, please submit your contact through AdsOptimal 3DX website.

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