7 Types of Digital Advertising You Should Know

Digital advertising is an ever-changing industry and it’s easy to suffer from technology overload. We cut out the clutter and compiled a simplified list of 7 types of digital advertising to know today.

1. 3D Photo

With the rise of immersive technology like VR, AR, 360° and 3D, display ads no longer need to be flat and two-dimensional.

Facebook recently came out with a feature that allows users to upload 3D photos onto their feeds. These photos are easy to create and fun to engage with, which means better performance and dwell time.

Takis recently ran an immersive ad campaign that invited users to engage and interact with its iconic chip bag in 3D.

This ad earned a drastically higher CTR than a traditional display ad and it ultimately provided the user with a better brand experience as well.

3D Photos are at the forefront of a new advertising revolution.

best banner ads takis

2. Social Media 

In 2019, social media advertising is still one of the most effective types of digital advertising. Currently, Facebook ads earn the highest ROIs, but this could change as social media channels continue to evolve. Ads on Facebook result in an average CTR of 0.95% while standard display ads only earn an average CTR of 0.05%

LinkedIn is another social channel that simultaneously serves as a powerful advertising platform. Running a sponsored ad on LinkedIn can raise your CTR from .012% to a whopping .45%.  Social media ads are extremely effective and easy to create–making it one of the most common types of digital advertising.


Types of digital advertising social

3. AR Marketing 

There is a lot of hype surrounding Augmented Reality right now because it’s such new and innovative technology–it is expected to exceed 1 Billion users by 2020! AR finally makes it possible for users to digitally experience a brand before they even have their first interaction with it. This makes AR the perfect technology for creating engaging and exciting digital advertisements.

AR allows users to virtually sample different products and experiences–making it a very unique and necessary advertising technology. This can help marketers to close sales cycles more quickly by digitizing the try-on experience. Companies like Warby Parker are integrating AR into their marketing strategy by allowing customers to virtually try on different pairs of glasses.

Warby Parker AR ad


Sally Hansen also launched a banner ad that linked to an AR experience that enabled users to try out different nail polish colors.

what is augmented reality Sally Hansen

4. Retargeting

Research shows that only 2% of users complete a desired action on your website upon their first visit. Retargeting gives the other 98% of users another chance to interact with your brand and complete that desired action. 

Retargeting uses cookies to follow visitors of your website after they leave your site. Marketers will “retarget” your advertisements back to those users that left your website in hopes that they will be inspired to return at some point. 

Types of digital advertising retargeting

5. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM, or paid search, is one of the most common types of digital advertising as it has the potential for the most expansive reach.

Google Ads is the largest and most effective platform for SEM. Creating paid a search ad in Google Ads will allow you to place advertisements in Search, Google Maps, the Google Play app store, the Google display network, YouTube videos and more.

Other SEM options include Bing Ads and Yahoo Ad Manager.

Types of digital advertising sem

SEM is highly effective– earning a benchmark CTR of 3.17%.

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Types of digital advertising seo

In the same vein as search, SEO is a type of digital advertising that utilizes user search to promote brand awareness. It differs from SEM because SEO is earned, organic reach through keyword targeted content.

Optimizing your company for online search is all about choosing relevant keywords with high search volumes. If you’re doing SEO for an advertising agency, you might target keywords like “innovative marketing,” or “future of advertising” to capture audiences searching for information about those terms.

There are many ways to improve your SEO; so many in fact that an “SEO specialist” is now an entire career. ROI from SEO can take more time to see than it might on other platforms, but it has the potential to get your company ranked on the first page of Google search–for free.

7. 360° VR Ads

360° video has been trendy for a while now, but how many times have you seen it used in advertising? Like 3D photo, marketers are just now starting to take advantage of this interactive technology to drive brand engagement. These ads simulate the popular “virtual reality” experience without the bulky headset.

In this Infiniti 360° video campaign, the user can opt to test drive the car through various kinds of terrain instead of just passively viewing a 2D banner ad.