Tutorial: How to Showcase Real Estate in 360°

360° VR helps capture an all-inclusive perspective, a vital part of showcasing homes in real estate. Many real estate companies are investing in 360° technology to give homebuyers a better vision of their future home. Here’s a tutorial on how you can get starting in showcasing real estate in 360°:

Capture Footage

Whether is it a single room for rent or an entire home for sale, 360° photos or videos will give homebuyers a clearer idea of what they are signing up for.

360 camera real estate

Optimize Camera Placement

Place your camera in a location that will capture all four corners of the room, the ceiling, and the floor. If you want to illustrate the tall ceilings, make sure to film low on the ground. If you want to film the grand backyard and view, film from a high point. Positioning your camera to capture selling points of a property will highlight prime features to homebuyers.

Consider POV

Consider filming on a couch, a bed, in an office chair, to capture the true perspective of being in the room as a homeowner. This will give homebuyers or renters a better idea of what it will feel like to live in the space.


High quality 360° footage is worth the investment. In selling a product, high production marketing signals high value of the product. Before filming an entire house tour, make sure to do a quick quality test to ensure the resolution will satisfy your needs.


  • Lighting is important. Make sure the room is well lit to portray a welcoming feel to homebuyers
  • Capture every room and arrange the order of how the photos will be presented. From the front door to the master bedroom, make it feel like the buyer is walking through an Open House tour.


Once you have created an account, upload your content to your dashboard.

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Add in interactivity

The interactivity of your 360° content could make or break all the effort you’ve put into capturing footage. Giving users calls to action will encourage them to interact with your content. Here are a few ideas on how to make your 360° content interactive:

Use hotspots to add interactivity for real estate tours

Create a tour by linking multiple 360° photos

Utilize hotspots to generate a tour of multiple 360° footage of rooms throughout the house. This way, homebuyers will be able to “walk” through the house.

Tag important features

A ceiling is 50 feet tall? Make it a hotspot and show the fun fact. Original brick from the 1700s? Show off this cool feature through a hotspot. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight facts and features a real estate agent would likely tell during a home tour. You can bring this experience to a 360° experience.


Your content is ready to be uploaded to your website. Copy and paste the code and it’s ready!

Embed 360 content

Examples of 360° Real Estate

Showcasing a bathroom renovation:

Video house tour in 360°:

Honeypot Cottage tour:

Navigate through a hotel:

Home for sale in less than a minute: