TravelNevada’s 360° video ad campaign with OmniVirt scores high on engagement

The results are in: TravelNevada’s 360° video ad campaign scores high on engagement metrics.

The tourism board’s campaign goes hard on its mantra, “Don’t Fence Me In”, which emphasizes the Nevada state of mind around adventure and exciting stories. The campaign comprises a 360° view of a group of friends kayaking, hiking, and enjoying the adventure to be had in Nevada, saw a 1% CTR. Compare this to standard media ads in the travel vertical, which typically have ~0.15% CTRs according to Google’s Rich Media Gallery benchmarks.  

Additionally, users spent on average 60 seconds with the content.

In launching its ad campaign, TravelNevada and its agency Fahlgren Mortine were looking for a way to visually wow and excite travelers about all the outdoors activities and hidden gems Nevada has to offer.

TravelNevada faced steep competition from other outdoor and adventure travel destinations and needed a way to differentiate itself and tell a uniquely Nevada story. To do so, the travel board turned to 360° video.

travel nevada ad preview

In the 360° video, audiences actively explore the friends’ adventures like hiking, kayaking, and enjoying drinks at popular local bars, using the 360° format to get a more immersive feel and be virtually transported into the fun that a trip to Nevada brings.

This content was packaged into 360° ad units that were distributed by OmniVirt across relevant properties including Expedia, Condé Nast Traveler, The New York Times, and more

TravelNevada plans to continue the campaign based on this success, adding more proof to the power of 360° ads.