VR Marketing: Top 10 Campaigns

At OmniVirt, we own VR marketing: we work with brands and agencies in various industries to help them leverage VR technology to increase brand engagement and drive more sales with their marketing campaigns.

Here are our picks for the top 10 virtual reality (VR) marketing campaigns.

1. Cola-Cola: Deliver Happiness in 360°

Coca Cola marked the 100th anniversary of their first ever Coke bottle with an engaging 360° video ad as it deploys VR marketing.

The brand features an inside look at a Coke bottling factory, but the experience soon becomes an electric musical dance number, with all the action centered around the viewer. Audiences are beckoned to interact with the content to see each dancer move and celebrate Coke.

2. Honda: Virtual Reality Experience for the All-New Civic

Honda provided Google Cardboard VR headsets to more than 1,000 participants at a keynote event in Thailand, allowing car enthusiasts to experience Honda’s virtual reality content and Honda to be an early adopter of VR marketing.

The experience features the Honda Civic zooming around a racetrack, with the audience right at the driver’s seat.

3. Coach: Immersive Fashion Show Experience

Coach gives audiences the front row seat at its NY Fashion Show. Audiences view the Coach runway show from multiple perspectives and likely get a better view than Anna Wintour herself.

And it does more. It shows a time lapse of how the Coach show was produced, giving customers an intimate look at the brand’s behind the scenes actions for one of its biggest moments of the year.

4. Morgan Stanley: At the Edge of Climate Change

Morgan Stanley explores the ways capital can create change and fuel tangible solutions in the areas of sustainability and mobility through its use of VR marketing.

In the branded content piece, Morgan Stanley takes audiences on virtual tours of scenes of how one town, Kiribati is working to restore their island.

5. Hitachi: AC Superheroes

This Thai campaign showcases Hitachi launching air-conditioner “superheroes” to help promote its new line of air conditioners.

This campaign comprised 360° VR videos distributed across the Google Display Network.

6. ABC: Time After Time 360° Trailer

ABC drives tune-in and awareness of its past show Time After Time.

A time-traveling crime drama, Time After Time promoted its release with a 360° VR trailer that was distributed on the Yahoo! homepage.

The ad features an immersive look into the time traveling machine that the characters use to traverse different periods and settings, all while contributing to the eery tone of the show.


7. Nike: The Neymar Jr. Effect

Digital Domain and IM360 creates a 360° VR ad for Nike promoting the new Hypervenom Phantom II shoe, featuring world-famous soccer superstar Neymar Jr.

Audiences are placed right on the soccer field, playing soccer with their favorite players until the reveal of the bright orange Nike shoe design.

8. Star Wars: Behind the Scenes of Rogue One

To promote the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the director of the film gives fans the opportunity to go behind the scenes of a battle between rebels and stormtroopers in VR.

Audiences can see behind the scenes footage and commentary of what it took to create the Star Wars universe, with built-in 360° graphics.

9. Google: The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

Google’s The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks is part of a Google Arts and Culture initiative to show how its technology captures and showcases cultural and historic gems. In this campaign, Google uses 360° VR smartly and creatively to feature the National Parks.

360° VR is all about giving audiences the space to explore your content, whether by moving their head around with a headset on or using their smartphone as a magic window.

Google used loose editing to focus on scenic shots that the user could explore, as if they themselves were at the National Parks. It’s really immersive viewing featuring some of the most beautiful scenery of the great Parks system.

10. St. Giles Hotels: Inspire Global Travel

St. Giles Hotels launches 360° video campaign to show local experiences steps away from St. Giles’ global properties.

The production used a time-lapse approach to highlight key tourist locations over the course of a day.

Most importantly, it achieved St. Giles’ marketing goal of showcasing the proximity of its properties to central locations that every visitor wants to experience while traveling.

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