Top 10 mobile marketing strategies

When you think about mobile marketing, chances are everyone will have a different picture of the strategy that should be used for success. The fact is that it is important to consider a number of different mobile marketing strategies in order to implement a successful mobile campaign.

Number 1: Voice

There are many mobile web efforts that completely leave this feature out. No matter if it is as simple as linking a phone number or developing a routing and response strategy through an animation tool, such as Twilio, it is essential that you make it easy for the person to contact your company directly.

Number 2: SMS

While SMS is definitely not the sexiest technology available, it can be extremely effective in mobile marketing strategies.

Number 3: Mobile Ads

This does not refer to the traditional banner ad. Mobile web advertising will push the ads based on location, time and relevance, which means that your ad is more likely to be seen by the right people at the right time.

Number 4: QR Codes

While you may not be a huge fan, QR codes can be extremely effective. Microsoft phones are able to read these with no app necessary and there are many businesses that have seen huge ROIs using them.

Number 5: Mobile Email

When you consider mobile web, it would not be complete without mobile email. The open rates for mobile email have surged past that of traditional email, which is why this is a crucial factor to implement in your mobile marketing strategy.

Number 6: Mobile Web

Even if you have not completely finished your site, you can still use tools to make it mobile-friendly. You should also take time to track the mobile bounce rates. This will provide you with insight into the traffic that is being lost.

Number 7: Mobile Commerce

This can be a purchase via a text message or a mobile app. There is no question that more and more consumers are purchasing more items with their mobile device, which is why you need to ensure they can purchase from you.

Number 8: Location Services

Location services and mobile apps will make it much easier for your clients to find you.

Number 9: Mobile Apps

Everyone loves their app – the more unique, the more appealing they become. You should create and leverage a compelling application that includes social media, location services and other features that will enhance your mobile app.

Number 10: Tablets

While a tablet is not exactly the same as an app, it is still important to consider these devices when you are developing your website.

One of the biggest problems is the fact that many companies do not believe that their products or services are compelling enough to work on deploying a mobile strategy. However, if you have a business and a website, you should consider having strong mobile marketing strategies.