Examples of 3D and AR Ads

February 17, 2018 By Ara Parikh

As AR continues to pique the world’s (and marketers’) interest, OmniVirt put together a list of some examples of how brands are using 3D and AR objects in their advertising and marketing. 3D Ads 3D Ads on Mobile/Web On mobile or desktop browsers, users can scroll and instead of passively scrolling through display ads (#bannerblindness), […]

Interactive Advertising Examples

February 12, 2018 By Ara Parikh

As advertisers seek to drive higher engagement and connect with their customers in brand-authentic and effective ways, they’ve turned to interactive advertising. See OmniVirt’s picks for cool examples of online interactive advertising that allows customers to move outside the box of a banner or display ad. Interact with built-in hotspots Within a 360° VR experience, […]

Examples of Virtual Reality in Sports

February 11, 2018 By Pete

Sports viewership and popularity are declining due to changes in younger generations’ behaviors and competition from non-sports entertainment. These days, there are fewer people who watch live sports on television. Instead, they go on social media like Facebook and Twitter to watch the game highlights. The popularity of eSports also poses another threat to traditional […]

Virtual Reality in Healthcare

February 6, 2018 By Pete

VR in healthcare has many compelling use cases, ranging from serving as a training tool for providers to being used directly on patients to improve health outcomes. We’d like to showcase the use cases that excited Team OmniVirt the most.  Enable surgeons to practice before the operation  By using 3D models of CAT scans, MRIs, […]

Top Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing Trends

February 2, 2018 By Ara Parikh

We wanted to share our thoughts on the top AR advertising and marketing trends that we’ve seen brands use to better engage with their customers. AR has taken the world by storm, especially in the last year, and we’ve seen brands creatively deploy AR in two main settings: on mobile and through location-based engagement. We […]

Best Augmented Reality (AR) Apps on Android

February 1, 2018 By Pete

Augmented Reality (AR) is the enhanced version of reality that is currently merged to several Smartphone applications. These apps work through device’s camera, and they can engage customers to a highly interactive source of entertainment. Although experts have developed AR apps that work perfectly on Android and iOS platforms, below we have highlighted the most […]

Best Uses of Virtual Reality (VR) in Real Estate

January 31, 2018 By Pete

See our picks for the best uses of VR in real estate. Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours When buying a new house, every client wants to visit his/her new house before making the final purchase. However, this requires time investment for both client and real estate agent. Instead, VR enables clients to take immersive tours […]

Top Travel and Tourism Virtual Reality (VR) Examples

By Pete

See our picks for the top uses for VR in travel and tourism. 1. Try Before You Buy With virtual reality, potential customers will have the ability to experience hotels, airplanes, or destinations from their own homes. As these individuals now have the option of experiencing their potential purchases, they’ll feel more at ease and […]

Best Branded Virtual Reality (VR) Apps for iPhone

January 30, 2018 By Ara Parikh

In the last couple of years, many brands have developed VR apps that have transformed brand experiences and customer engagement. See our picks for some of the top branded VR apps for the iPhone. 1. The New York Times VR App The New York Times marked a milestone in VR journalism when it delivered one million […]

Tips for 360° Video Advertising for Brands and Advertisers

By Ara Parikh

A new storytelling platform requires new thinking. With the removal of the frame, and the introduction of the 360° sphere, creators get to re-imagine and examine new storytelling principles. OmniVirt has powered over 100+ 360° VR advertising campaigns for brands and publishers. Based on the data and delivery of these campaigns, here are our best […]

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