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JAUNT Taps OmniVirt to Extend Reach of its Advertiser Campaigns

May 18, 2017

Jaunt and OmniVirt Partner together

PALO ALTO, CA. – April 24, 2017 – Jaunt and OmniVirt today announced a preferred partnership that will result in Jaunt’s clients having access to distribute their 360° virtual reality (VR) advertising across OmniVirt’s 360° VR Network. This partnership will extend the reach of campaigns that Jaunt has been providing to its brand clients by […]

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Why VR360 Ads are Quickly Becoming the Best Content Marketing Strategy

February 2, 2017

Why VR360 Ads are Quickly Becoming the Best Content Marketing Strategy

The past few years have been a constant revelation for the marketing and advertising industry with new avenues for branding coming up every few years. From buzzwords like digital, mobile, social, and content marketing, we now have the emergence of VR. Virtual Reality has created a whole new immersive relationship between the brand and the […]

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OmniVirt’s Virtual Reality Trends for 2017: 360 Video, Headsets, Sports and more

January 27, 2017

Virtual Reality in 2017, 360 Video, VR ads

In 2016, Virtual Reality transitioned from a futuristic product showcased in movies into something that could be bought on retail shelves for the holidays. While 2016 was the canvas for VR, the masterpiece is expected to emerge in 2017. Analysts are excited about 2017 for VR and are confident that the user base which is […]

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Issues with YouTube’s 360° Video on iPhone Mobile Web? We solved it! | OmniVirt

November 4, 2016

360 video youtube not working - how to

Frustrated by the weird video experience when trying to watch a YouTube 360° video on your iPhone when embedded on a webpage on Safari iOS? Does the video break and not respond the gyroscope and look like this? Video stretching problem when playing YouTube 360° Videos on Safari iOS YouTube’s 360° video player only works […]

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Facebook’s 360° Video Doesn’t Work on iPhone [Solution]

Frustrated by an error message when trying to watch a Facebook 360° videos on your iPhone when embedded on a webpage on Safari iOS. Do you receive the following message with no ability to access this content? Error while playing 360° video Safari iOS: “Facebook 360 Video Unavailable. This video can’t play in this browser.” […]

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