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What Facebook’s F8 and Google I/O’s VR and AR announcements mean for marketers

May 11, 2018

The past two weeks were filled with big tech’s annual developer conferences, where companies like Facebook and Google unveiled exciting product announcements and comment on company strategy. Of note were several announcements related to Virtual and Augmented Reality. We’re breaking down the big announcements at F8 and Google I/O to help marketers understand how to […]

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Facebook’s Announcement of Enhanced 3D Posts Opens the Door for Advertisers

April 12, 2018

3d posts

[This article was originally posted on Virtual Reality Pop on February 27, 2018] Facebook recently announced that users can upload 3D content to their posts, alongside text, photos, and videos, by using the industry-standard glTF 2.0 file format. It’s no surprise that with the announcement came fun examples of branded 3D content from brands such […]

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The NYT is boarding the AR train — here’s what that means for storytelling

[This article was originally posted on VentureBeat on February 8, 2018] The New York Times has just announced it would begin incorporating augmented reality in its journalism. The Times prominently featured the announcement on its website’s front page, speaking to the publisher’s commitment to offer its readers and subscribers the highest quality news content by investing in […]

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Google’s web AR announcement is a boon for advertisers

[This article was originally posted on VentureBeat on January 30, 2018] Google recently announced that it’s bringing AR technology to desktop and mobile browsers to push “augmented reality on the web, for everyone.” Users will be able to interact with 3D objects that are embedded into sites and place said objects into their own environment (via tablet […]

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How publishers will survive Facebook’s News Feed change

[This article was originally posted on TechCrunch on January 28, 2018] Facebook announced on January 11 that it would change its News Feed algorithm to prioritize posts from friends and family over public content. Say goodbye to never-ending sponsored posts from Tasty, CNN, and other brands that have embraced the platform. Time to say hello to more […]

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VR Travel doesn’t replace real travel – how it encourages it

March 22, 2018

vr travel

Travel is all about place and physicality. This flies in the face of virtual reality’s big message, which focuses on the simulation of place and physicality. Will VR travel replace it? Nothing can replace the fresh air you breath when you scale a peak on a hike. Nothing can replace the view of the Redwoods. […]

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Flat content is boring. How VR Marketing changes the game

March 16, 2018

vr marketing

VR Marketing is about brands telling better stories using technology that enables an entirely new canvas for creative content. It’s about letting audiences engage more deeply with content, outside of the confines of a 300X250 “boxed” ad.  And the best part? It’s about getting better campaign performance across all KPIs. What is VR Marketing? VR […]

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Deliver more engaging advertising with immersive VR

March 13, 2018

immersive vr

Content is everywhere, easily accessed and just as easily forgotten. As users quickly scroll and thumb through increasing amounts of content and ads, standard advertising formats just don’t cut it. In fact, flat ads and regular content are table stakes in today’s distraction-heavy world. To truly differentiate in the eyes of consumers, the world’s top […]

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Immersive VR: Content that makes an impression

March 8, 2018

immersive vr

Here at OmniVirt, we believe in the power of immersive VR. We work with brands and agencies in various industries to help them leverage VR/AR technology to increase brand engagement. To get started, read our analysis on the progression of content formats  Chik-fil-A takes immersive VR and brand impression to the next level Chik-fil-A created […]

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Interactive VR: How hotspots drive engagement

interactive vr

At OmniVirt, we believe in the power of immersive content to help brands tell better, more compelling stories. Interactive VR is one proven way to drive engagement, especially through the use of hotspots. What is a hotspot in interactive VR? A hotspot is a clickable ‘button’ within a 360° experience that can redirect to a […]

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