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Tutorial: How to Showcase Travel Destinations in 360°

May 17, 2018

360° VR helps transport audiences to a place without ever needing to leave the couch. It allows audiences to immersively experience a location as if they were there because Sometimes, pictures, flat videos and words just don’t adequately capture a place’s magic. This tutorial provides best practices and instructions for showcasing travel destinations in 360°. We […]

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Interactive Video Ads: How To

April 29, 2018

interactive vr

Interactive video ads are increasingly being deployed by marketers looking to deepen engagement with users and enable more Call-to-Actions.  This article provides a brief overview on different interactive video ad features, with an emphasis on how marketers can (and should) use 360° video in their interactive video ad arsenal. What is an interactive video ad? […]

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The Definitive Guide to Virtual Reality in Real Estate

April 6, 2018

virtual reality real estate

Virtual Reality finds compelling use cases in the real estate industry. In real estate, bringing to life a place and space matter (also, location, location, location!). In virtual reality, immersion helps simulate a sense of place and space. It’s a perfect pairing. We wrote a guide to to help outline the best use cases for […]

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How to do a VR Demo

April 1, 2018

vr demo

As far as VR has progressed, skepticism still remains as talk of hype cycles, stagnant hardware sales, and AR “beating” VR dominates the conversation. However, many have yet to experience the feeling of being immersed in a virtual world. It’s a thrilling and unbelievable experience, especially for first-time users.  With any new technology, education to […]

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Guide to Augmented Reality (AR) Development

February 22, 2018

augmented reality development

We created a quick starter guide to help jumpstart your path to becoming an AR developer. At OmniVirt, we believe in new types of content, like augmented reality, that encourages active engagement and interaction, especially when applied to advertising. If you’re interested in VR development, see our post on becoming a VR developer. What tools you […]

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How to Become a VR Developer

February 21, 2018

We created a quick starter guide to help jumpstart your path to becoming a VR developer. Why? We believe in immersive content. Developers, storytellers, artists, beginners, etc. all have an opportunity to build immersive experiences using an exciting new technology that literally pushes the bounds of content creation.  Familiarize yourself with the foundations of VR […]

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Tips for 360° Video Advertising for Brands and Advertisers

January 30, 2018

A new storytelling platform requires new thinking. With the removal of the frame, and the introduction of the 360° sphere, creators get to re-imagine and examine new storytelling principles. OmniVirt has powered over 100+ 360° VR advertising campaigns for brands and publishers. Based on the data and delivery of these campaigns, here are our best […]

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How To Make 360 Video

how to make 360 video

We want to share a guide for how to make 360 video to help content creators showcase immersive experiences through video. At OmniVirt, we have the privilege of seeing brands engage in incredible storytelling through their use of 360° video. We know the task of “make a 360° video!” can seem intimidating, but there’s a range of methods […]

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How to Make 360 Interactive Video / VR

November 15, 2017

interactive 360 video

One of the most popular questions that we continue to receive having built a VR platform for brands and publishers — “How do I create interactive 360° video?”, “Do I need special software or cameras to make 360° video interactive?”, or “Will this work outside YouTube or Facebook?” Obviously if you have played around with YouTube and […]

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The easiest way to create a 360° video player with VR support in Unity

November 13, 2017

unity 360 video player

360° photos and 360° videos have become a new standard in the digital industry. Thanks to a ton of 360° cameras that launched in the past year, 360° content creation is exploding. However, unlike the way we play 2D photos and videos, playing this kind of content is not that straightforward. It requires a ton […]

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