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The leading VR platform for brands, publishers, and developers

April 13, 2018

Our VR platform focuses on content hosting, distribution, and monetization needs for brands, publishers, and developers. We are the VR platform of choice for: Brands who are looking to emerge out of the crowded marketplace and clutter of content to tell better stories to share their offerings and connect with their customers Publishers who are […]

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3D Ads: How you can advertise in 3D and up engagement

February 25, 2018

3d ads

3D ads have arrived. Here at OmniVirt, we work with brands and agencies in various industries to help them leverage VR/AR technology to increase brand engagement and drive more sales. We believe in immersive content. And now, we’ve created an ad format that allows users to test out and play with branded objects in 3D, […]

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