SpotX Partners With OmniVirt to Power 360° VR Campaigns for Brands

SAN FRANCISCO, April 4, 2017 –  SpotX and OmniVirt announce today their partnership in powering 360° VR Campaigns for Brands. This partnership will bring OmniVirt’s 360° VR technology across all SpotX inventory, enabling marketers with the ability to distribute their 360°VR campaigns at scale.

Distribution has been one of the largest pain-points in the VR market today and with this partnership OmniVirt’s robust VR technology will now seamlessly integrate into SpotX’s massive inventory and reach. Now brands can promote and drive eyeballs to their Virtual Reality experiences at unparalleled scale.

“Marketers and agencies alike have been creating 360° VR campaigns due to the promise this medium has for marketers to make an impact on their audience” states Brad Phaisan, Founder and CEO of OmniVirt. OmniVirt 360°VR campaigns have experienced 10x increased interaction and engagement compared to flat 2D advertisements. “In spite of marketers and agencies being extremely interested in VR, the biggest challenge for these marketers remains distribution and eyeballs,” notes Phaisan.

While publishers like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Discovery, and Time Inc, and brands like Toyota, ABC, Chick-Fil-A, and Universal Pictures have utilized OmniVirt’s proprietary technology to power 360° VR experiences for their campaigns, this is the first time that this technology is available at such a large scale.

“The ability to bring these 360°VR campaigns to audiences across SpotX inventory is something that our customers are very excited about,” states Jeremy Straight, SVP of Strategic Partnerships at SpotX.

Starting today, any advertiser or agency that has 360° VR content can now leverage the integration between SpotX and OmniVirt to deliver their Virtual Reality experiences at unparalleled scale.