How to Promote Yourself using Your 360° Content

As a creator of 360° VR content, you have your work cut out for you.

You have to: convince clients that 360° content is better than 2D, shoot and edit in this awesome medium using every-advancing camera and software options, and sustain your pioneering work in the space.

All of this works if and only if you can GET CLIENTS.

How do you do this?

Perhaps you create blog content to help you rank on Google Search. Maybe you boost Facebook posts or rely on your existing clients referring to new ones. Or you’re leveraging your biz dev/accounts head to meet with agencies.

What’s often missing in that marketing toolkit is, surprisingly, 360° content itself.

Types of Marketing
360° Paid Media can be part of your marketing arsenal

In our niche (but growing!) industry, it’s critical to be able to wow customers through live demos. Show what 360° can do for their business objectives. This is also one of the best ways to capture a potential customer’s attention in the first place — before the first meeting, before the client has even thought of using 360°.

To that end, we wrote a tutorial on how to promote your offerings using 360° content.

Tutorial: How to Promote Yourself Using 360° Content

This tutorial focuses on promotion through paid media across the web. Just as you boost posts on Facebook with your uploaded 360° content, you can launch ads on the web on target websites where your target customers are.

Don’t feel like reading? Watch our tutorial here:

1) Decide which 360° photo or video best represents your work and communicates your offerings

This could be a quick portfolio run-through of existing work or an original piece showcasing your different offerings.

2) Decide which kind of ad you want to create 

First, log in or create an OmniVirt account.

Select Ad Manager in your dashboard and choose which type of ad you’d like to create: 360° Display or 360° Video ad

Wondering what the difference is between Display Ad and Video Ad?

360° Display Ads preview a 360° photo / video or panorama photo that can be served into any display ad inventory.

360° Video Ads can be served before another video (pre-roll), during another video (mid-roll), and after another video (post-roll) into any video ad inventory.

3) Upload your 360° content 

4) Customize your ad 

Choose a creative title, where you want your ad to click to (Your website? Your Facebook page?), select the size, etc.

5) Promote your ad 

Select your audience targeting, budget, and ad schedule.

6) Woohoo! We’ll review your ad and you’re all set for launch! 

7) Review your campaign’s analytics

See how many people clicked on your ad, interacted with your content, etc.