Product Update: Enhancements and New Features for Hotspots

Building in interactivity with hotspots takes a regular 360° photo or video to the next level. We want to help you take your interactive 360° content even further.

Team OmniVirt is excited to announce enhancements and new features for hotspots on our platform. We want to help you uplevel your interactive 360° photo or video through more beautiful and better-performing hotspots that more effectively and intuitively guide your audience.

What’s New

  • Upgraded hotspot design
  • New hotspot label
  • New ripple animation
  • New hotspot guide
  • Better rendering performance

Upgraded hotspot design

We took our existing hotspot and improved its design, boldening its look to make a hotspot more discoverable to users.  

new hotspot design

New hotspot label

You can now label your hotspots, eliminating any guesswork around what your content links to.  Use this feature to better inform users taking virtual tours or looking through a 360° product display, among other use cases. Unlabeled hotspots remain an option as well.

hotspot label

See how this looks compared to the old hotspot design:

new hotspot label in demo

New ripple animation

Hotspots now periodically ‘ripple’ through animation in your content to help attract a user’s eye.  When a user hovers over a hotspot, the hotspot will turn blue to acknowledge the user’s interest. This better prompts users to click on the hotspot to explore your linked content.

ripple animation

New hotspot guide

When a user directs their gaze (or clicks and drags) to a part of the content away outside the range of a given hotspot, that hotspot’s label will remain on the screen, pointing towards its direction in relation to where the user is currently looking.

This guide helps a user easily discover all your built-in hotspots.

Better rendering performance

Our team conducted internal tests to test performance and found that our improved hotspots allows for even better rendering, so you can embed and distribute your interactive 360° content while relying on the best rendering performance in the market.

How to access these features through your account

After you log into your account, go to your dashboard. If you’ve used hotspots on OMniVirt before, not much will change, save for an extra box to further customize (e.g, hotspot label). 

If you are editing existing content:

  1. Select Upload, then My Content
  2. Select which piece of content you’d like to edit and press Edit
  3. Select Hotspots
  4. Place hotspots in your content by selecting in the player editor where you’d like them to be located
  5. Determine what kind of media you’d like your hotspot to link to (other uploaded content, Presentation Card, etc.)
  6. Add a hotspot label if desired
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 if you’d like to add more hotspots
  8. Publish content!

If you are uploading new content:

  1. Select Upload and choose which file you’d like to upload
  2. Add the necessary information (Content Title, Tags, etc.) and select Publish (if you’d like to make your content public on our Explore page, select that option so others can view your work!)
  3. On the Edit page, select Hotspots
  4. Follow steps 4-8 from above

Note these features are accessible to all account holders, including Starter.

Our work improving hotspots isn’t over. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon.  If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out to [email protected]