Product Launch: OmniVirt Ad Manager

Team OmniVirt is excited to launch Ad Manager, our end-to-end self-service 360° ad platform.

Ad Manager allows anyone with commercial 360° content to build and distribute 360° VR ads to boost viewership to their 360° VR content.

Anyone can log into OmniVirt and quickly upload 360° content, build an ad, buy media across the web, and launch a campaign. All within minutes.

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Upload your 360° content and build a high impact ad using your logo and a customized call to action.


Choose the right audience for your marketing goals through geo and demo targeting.


Select where you want your ad to be shown through our network of premium publishers.

Decide your flight dates and budget and voila, your campaign is ready to launch.


Once your campaign is live, see your campaign performance in real-time, including impressions, CTR, engagement rates, and heatmap reporting.  

We’re so excited to see the campaigns you launch.

Get started now

Watch out tutorial to learn more:

Our work on Ad Manager isn’t over. If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out to me at [email protected].