Paramount releases 360-degree Ad Campaign for ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ with OmniVirt

Paramount Pictures launched a 360° advertising campaign for its new film Mission: Impossible – Fallout in partnership with OmniVirt, a 360° VR ad platform.

To promote the release of the new film starring Tom Cruise, Paramount Pictures worked with OmniVirt to distribute 360° advertisements across relevant media sites to target movie audiences. The film studio is running display banner ad units that click to a full 360° video experience in addition to 360° pre-roll units.

tom cruise 360

A preview of the 360° ad unit featuring Tom Cruise

The 360° video advertisement takes audiences behind the scenes with Tom Cruise as he performs larger-than-life stunts. Viewers sit right next to Mr. Cruise while he pilots a helicopter through narrow passageways and provides commentary on the experience alongside the film’s director, Christopher McQuarrie.

At one point, the ad shows a scary moment when Mr. Cruise almost falls off the helicopter, leading the actor to say at the end of the stunt: “No please, do not try this at home”.  

The ad campaign is yet another example of how pervasive and effective 360° Virtual Reality marketing has been in the entertainment industry. Marketers have found that 360° VR content adds experiential storytelling to their arsenal of marketing tools, while also seeing performance uplifts.

“We continue to see top-tier film studios use 360° VR in their marketing efforts to help bring their story alive. For the Mission: Impossible campaign, bringing viewers behind the scenes to see how stunts are performed using 360° video makes for a visceral, exciting experience. We’re thrilled to work with Paramount Pictures as it positions itself as an innovative leader in this kind of storytelling.”  says Brad Phaisan, CEO of OmniVirt.