How To Make 360° Video

January 30, 2018 By Ara Parikh

how to make 360 video

We want to share a guide for how to make 360° video to help content creators showcase immersive experiences through video. At OmniVirt, we have the privilege of seeing brands engage in incredible storytelling through their use of 360° video. We know making 360° video can seem intimidating, but there’s a range of methods (from simple to advanced) […]

Experience the Holidays in 360° with Samsung’s latest marketing campaign

December 1, 2017 By Brad Phaisan

Buzzfeed 360 video

Buzzfeed and Brit+Co use OmniVirt technology to deliver innovation in 360° Creative SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – November 30, 2017 Buzzfeed and Brit+Co are using OmniVirt’s technology to deliver 360° photos and interactive 360° video for the latest Samsung holiday campaign.   In its continued effort to promote ways that people can create and share 360° content, […]

How to Make 360 Interactive Video / VR

November 15, 2017 By Brad Phaisan

interactive 360 video

One of the most popular questions that we continue to receive having built a VR platform for brands and publishers — “How do I create interactive 360° video?”, “Do I need special software or cameras to make 360° video interactive?”, or “Will this work outside YouTube or Facebook?” Obviously if you have played around with YouTube and […]

The easiest way to create a 360° video player with VR support in Unity

November 13, 2017 By Brad Phaisan

unity 360 video player

360° photos and 360° videos have become a new standard in the digital industry. Thanks to a ton of 360° cameras that launched in the past year, 360° content creation is exploding. However, unlike the way we play 2D photos and videos, playing this kind of content is not that straightforward. It requires a ton […]

360° Video / VR Performance Statistics from 1000+ Campaigns

By Brad Phaisan

360° Video Performance and VR Statistics

Benchmark performance metrics and engagement for 360° Video / VR. Understand how brands are using 360° video and what performance statistics look like for these campaigns. Learn how measure performance metrics, such as engagement and conversions from using 360° Video, 360° Photo and other VR content. See a comparison of 360° video VS. regular video performance and benchmarks. In this article, […]

Unity 360° Video Player With Full VR Support

November 8, 2017 By Brad Phaisan

unity 360 video player

Introducing Unity 360 Video Player, The easiest way to create a 360° Video Player with VR Support in Unity. 360° photos and 360° videos have become a new standard in the digital industry. Thanks to a ton of 360° cameras that launched in the past year, 360° content creation is exploding. However, unlike the way […]

Microsoft’s Windows VR is a good move, but the tech giant still has to play catch up

By Brad Phaisan

Microsoft VR Competitions

Just last month Microsoft announced its very own Virtual Reality platform, Windows Mixed Reality. This launch is big news for the industry, marking the third major PC VR platform to emerge (Facebook’s Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive both launched in 2016). Read more about investment into VR at OmniVirt’s VR Insights or visit the […]

How Augmented Reality Makes Advertising Fun Again

By Brad Phaisan

Augmented Reality Advertising

What was the last ad that you saw? Or at least the last ad that you remember seeing? Why did this advertising stick with you? Did you share it with your friends? Did you talk about it with you co-workers? Read more about Augmented Reality advertising – “How Augmented Reality Makes Advertising Fun Again” at […]

Best VR Ad Network for VR Apps (iOS, Android, Unity)

September 30, 2017 By Brad Phaisan

Unity VR Ad

OmniVirt Ad Network is VR Advertising Network which enables developers and publishers to monetize their apps/games with seamless and engaging VR experiences. Simply integrate the OmniVirt Unity Ad SDK into your Unity application/game and get paid for presenting sponsored 360° video experiences to your users. Backfill your inventory with premium CPM experiences from OmniVirt’s network of advertisers. We […]

Best 360° VR Video Player: OmniVirt VR Player

September 29, 2017 By Brad Phaisan

Best VR Player

Finding a great 360° VR video player can be quite deceiving, especially when you are cranking away testing out players on a desktop and getting a great experience. Everything looks great…then it happens…you try it on mobile or an iPad. Uh-oh. It doesn’t look the same! As of this blog post date, there are a few 360° […]

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