How OmniVirt’s 360° VR Player compares to other players in the market

360° VR content is proving to be the next best tool for SMBs and enterprises looking to revitalize their brand storytelling and product marketing. Businesses ranging from local tourism boards to multinational auto manufacturers are investing in 360° VR content to help boost brand awareness and sales.

The Distribution / Embedding Challenge

But once businesses have invested in 360° VR content, the biggest challenge for SMBs and enterprises lies in broadly distributing that content. Our 360° VR Player solves this distribution challenge.

vr player

Without the OmniVirt VR Player, businesses face the following dilemma:

  • Upload to YouTube but find that their customers accessing content on mobile can’t access the experience
  • Encourage hotspot use but find they need to develop hotspots using sophisticated software for YouTube
  • Upload to Facebook but find that customers can only access the content if on Facebook
  • Upload to Vimeo but find that watching Vimeo 360 videos on mobile requires downloading the Vimeo app
  • Use the JW Player but lack a mobile viewing solution and the ability to stream at 8K resolution

What if a brand wants to upload to broaden their audience reach on web properties outside of the social platforms like YouTube and Facebook? What if a brand wants to invest in its O&O sites? They need a player solution that can support mobile use cases at the high streaming quality with hotspot functionality. This is where OmniVirt comes in.

360° VR Player Comparison

We conducted customer and expert video professional research to determine the most important features for B2B 360° VR Player needs. We then compared our VR Player to other player options.

Features breakdown:

  • Cross-Platform VR Player: Player can play content on all devices (desktop, mobile, headset) and browsers (including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). For example, a customer can watch a 360° video on a brand’s website using their iPhone on the Safari browser with full mobile gyroscope functionality
  • 360° VR Player Analytics: All content is tracked with insightful metrics like views, clicks, CTR, video completion rate, and heatmaps
  • Hotspot Functionality: 360° VR content creators can build interactive hotspots to create a more engaging 360° experience (and still distribute across platforms)
  • Supports all content formats: Includes 8K streaming
  • No App Installation Required for Mobile: Audiences can view 360° VR Player content on mobile using web-based streaming without needed to download an app

OmniVirt is the best 360° VR Player solution to help you broaden your content reach.

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