Facebook’s 360° Video Doesn’t Work on iPhone [Solution]

Frustrated by an error message when trying to watch a Facebook 360° videos on your iPhone when embedded on a webpage on Safari iOS. Do you receive the following message with no ability to access this content?


Error while playing 360° video Safari iOS: “Facebook 360 Video Unavailable. This video can’t play in this browser.”

Facebook’s 360° video player only works natively inside of the Facebook app. On an iPhone, especially in a Safari browser on iOS, viewers of 360° video will get an error message when trying to watch Facebook videos embedded outside of the app.

This is just one of the reasons we built the OmniVirt player. We wanted to make sure that with one simple upload anyone with Virtual Reality or 360° Video could power that experience on every platform and every browser.

Just like Facebook, you can upload your videos to upload.omnivirt.com (we accept the same file formats). Simply embed the video just as you would the Facebook player. Now, your audience no longer needs to download a VR or special app to experience this content, they can watch the 360° Video right from the Safari iOS browser. OmniVirt’s player will render a fully functional 360° experience that with one click on VR mode will power stereoscopic 3D so you can slot the phone into your Google cardboard device.

We are here for you to answer questions if you have. Contact us at [email protected]