OmniVirt Powers 360° Wilderness Campaign for Destination British Columbia

Destination British Columbia chose to get innovative with their latest marketing campaign (preview here). With their agency Noise Digital, the travel board created a 360° video experience of Canada’s wilderness and distributed it using OmniVirt’s Ad Manager platform.

The Muskwa-Kechika, also known as the MK, is a biodiverse region of the Rocky Mountain Range. It’s an area the size of Ireland, but barely anybody has heard of it despite its size and beauty. Destination British Columbia thus decided an immersive approach would be most effective at driving awareness and desire.

The creative features a helicopter ride, horseback rides through woods and mountains, stream crossings, canoeing to witness unforeseen wildlife, and a campfire in the evening. Throughout the content, Wayne Sawchuk an established author, photographer, conservationist, cowboy, and wilderness guide, discusses the beauty and diversity of the region as well as the importance of conservation.

360° video ads have been shown to lead to better performance for brands, in some cases seeing a 300% increase in CTR. Users engage more deeply and spend more time with 360° ad content.

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