OmniVirt powers 360° Campaign on USA Today’s Takeover Unit

USA Today partnered with OmniVirt to power a 360° campaign for health brand Nature’s Way. The 360° ad was sold as a takeover unit in the Life section of USA Today web property, as well as being shown on other parts of the site.

The creative immerses viewers in a farm in India, just before the turmeric harvest. Looking around, the audience can see the grounds of the farm. Bala, the owner of the farm, briefly discusses his legacy, as this farm has been handed down to him from generations passed. A very compelling window into the life of Bala serves as an emotional window into the origins of Nature’s Way turmeric.

These immersive strategies, which in recent past were considered experimental stunts, are now a strategic, pragmatic, and effective means of engaging with the target audience – thanks to companies like OmniVirt enabling quality, large-scale distribution across the web.

360° video ads have been shown to lead to better performance for brands, in some cases seeing a 300% increase in CTR. Users engage more deeply and spend more time with 360° ad content.

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