OmniVirt + Google Webinar: How to build and distribute high-performing 360° VR advertising campaigns

We hosted a webinar with Google on how to build and distribute high-performing 360° VR advertising campaigns.

This article gives you the download on all that was discussed during the webinar and presents details on Google and OmniVirt’s joint advertising packages. We hope you find it useful!

Webinar Recording

Webinar Key Takeaways

Why do 360° VR Ads Matter?

advertising over time

Don’t just serve an impression. Make an impression.

Today, users scroll through content and ads with a strong dose of banner blindness. Marketers need their brand stories to make real impact. 360°VR is the next engaging ad format and with OmniVirt +Google, it’s the next ad format that scales. 

Scale is key. YouTube ads historically were bespoke and custom, through brand channels. They shifted to being programmatic and scalable by launching TrueView, a ad product that offered skippable video ads, where marketers only paid based on if ads were watched at or more than 30 seconds.

With OmniVirt+Google, programmatic and scalable solutions are possible even in 360° VR.

Immersive content makes the inaccessible, accessible. Immersive content captures users’ full attention. Immersive content also PERFORMS.

360 vr performance

Best Practices (Create, Distribute, Measure)

OmniVirt+Google will offer a full end-to-end solution, including Ideation & Creation, Media & Distribution, and Analytics & Measurement.

Best practices for Ideation & Creation:

  • Decide on POV: Who is the viewer?
  • Subject matter: Why is it better in VR?
  • Editing: Smooth Wipes and Fades
  • Video length matters
  • Capture attention (first 6 seconds)
  • Determine your Call to Action

Best practices for Media & Distribution:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • VR Headset

distribution google omnivirt

Best practices for Analytics & Measurement:

  • Track standard video metrics like CTR, Video Completion Rates, Impressions and Views
  • Take advantage of unique VR video metrics like heatmaps

Case Studies

  •  Home Depot launching 360° view of a room with clickable hotspots, with average of 42 seconds spent on experience
  • Cathay Pacific using interactive 360° video to showcase its lounge offerings and cabin to potential first-time customers, with +29% in unaided awareness
  • Mahindra 360° racing on YouTube generating 30M views

How to Partner w/ Google + OmniVirt

  • Buy using Self Service or Managed Service
    • Self Service includes: Existing Creative, TrueView + Standard Instream, Standard Video Targeting, Best-in-class VR Video Analytics
    • Managed Service includes: Creative Services, Media Planning & Distribution, Unique Targeting, Advanced Campaign Measurement
  • Packages include Bronze, Silver, Gold

google omnivirt package

Next steps

Email [email protected] and [email protected] to get started on your 360° VR campaign today.