Best VR Ad Network for VR Apps (iOS, Android, Unity)

OmniVirt Ad Network is VR Advertising Network which enables developers and publishers to monetize their apps/games with seamless and engaging VR experiences.

Simply integrate the OmniVirt Unity Ad SDK into your Unity application/game and get paid for presenting sponsored 360° video experiences to your users. Backfill your inventory with premium CPM experiences from OmniVirt’s network of advertisers. We support both 360° and 2D video ads inside VR apps.


Getting Started

Step 1 – Sign up for an account at OmniVirt



Step 2 – Submit your VR app


  • Go to Monetize dashboard. If you are here for the first time, you should be redirected to app submission form look like below. From there, you can select the platform you want to monetize and fill out the application ID. You VR app need to be live on app store for a review. If your app or game is still in development, you can access OmniVirt SDK document via these links instead: iOS SDK, Android SDK, Unity SDK. You can use sample AdSpace ID described in the document to test the integration with your local app.


Step 3 – Create and integrate your first ad space


  • After your VR app is approved, you should be received a notification email from OmniVirt. At your Monetize dashboard, go to your ad space list. You should be able to see the option to create a new ad space as seen in screenshot below.


  • Integrate your ad space. Based on what platform you are developing your VR app, please find our VR Ad SDK here: iOS SDKAndroid SDKUnity SDK.


Step 4 – Set ad live and see your revenues


  • Once the ad is displayed on real devices. You should be able to see impressions within 10 minutes. The revenues are determined by volume, geography and performance of your traffic. To see your revenue dashboard, visit “Earning” menu inside your Monetize dashboard. To fill out payment information, please select “Payment” menu.vr app revenue dashboard

Still have any questions about OmniVirt Ad Network? Contact us at [email protected]