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Despite of large increase in mobile web usage, we are aware that many WordPress sites are not mobile ready. This is why we introduce mobile ad plugin for WordPress today. The plugin helps WordPress sites to make money on mobile effectively. You can download “Mobile Ad for WordPress” plugin from here (documentation). You do not need any mobile template or knowledge to get started. Learn more about our motivation and solution below.

Our motivation

As of the end of 2013, according to Walker Stands, 31% of total web traffic is from mobile device. The traffic grows 81% annually. Given the current rapid growth of mobile devices, sales and adoption, there is no doubt that mobile usage is likely to surpass desktop in very near future.

mobile web usage - mobile ad for wordpress

Content traffic still plays a big role in mobile game. Large portion of mobile usages are from Social Media and Search. To give a clear picture, majority users access Facebook content through mobile nowadays. Google also reported large increase of mobile search. Take a guess where the traffic goes to? Yes, it’s mostly mobile web content just like your WordPress site, not game, not apps.

All big publishers are aware of this. They have already optimized their mobile sites and monetization. The question is “How about your WordPress sites? Are your WordPress sites ready to make money on mobile?” From our research, a large number of WordPress sites are not. This is why we build a solution where any WordPress sites can take advantage of this opportunity, regardless of whether you have a small team or a big organization.

Mobile ad for WordPress - AdsOptimal

Mobile Ad for WordPress plugin customization

Mobile ad banner for WordPress Contextual ad for WordPress App-Store-like ad format for WordPress

AdsOptimal provides wide range of Ads formats from small banners to app-store-like formats

The plugin helps WordPress sites to monetize on mobile effectively. You can download “Mobile Ad for WordPress” plugin from here. Read more about the plugin and frequently asked questions from our Github page. Feel free to let us know if you have questions at


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