Making Impressions: Scott Elchison of IPG Media Lab

Welcome to our Making Impressions series! We’re profiling rising stars at top brands and agencies for their takes on the future of advertising.

Meet Scott Elchison, a Manager of Partnerships at IPG Media Lab.

What ad format are you most excited by right now?

I am most excited by the host read ad format that podcasts deliver! It is one of the most authentic ways for brands to integrate into content today, leveraging a host’s direct connection with their audience. In general, podcasting is an emerging media territory that warrants brand attention for the fast-growing, young, and affluent audience it captivates on a weekly basis. Additionally, increasing ad avoidance among the young millennials poses a major challenge for brands relying on traditional ad channels, and podcasts provide a lean-in experience for brands to capture this audience. Podcasts are ripe with brand opportunities, brands and marketers just need to plug in and listen.

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Which ad campaign should brands be paying attention to right now?

To continue with the theme of podcasting, Zip Recruiter really expanded on the concept of what a podcast ad can be in the first season of Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman. Zip Recruiter worked with the show to create ads that mirrored an episode topic. The ads became extra content for listener because the ads pulled from the Zip Recruiters CEO own experience building a company. I have actually used some of the information from those Zip Recruiter ads at my current job when it comes to interviewing candidates!

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What’s your proudest moment at IPG Media Lab?

One of my proudest moments at the IPG Media Lab has been the creation of our very own podcast, Floor 9! Take a listen here:

What is your superpower?

It’s no super power, I just do the work!