Making Impressions: Jonathon McKenzie of Turner

Welcome to our new Making Impressions series! We’re profiling rising stars at top brands and agencies for their takes on the future of advertising.

Meet Jonathon McKenzie, a Director of Product Advertising at Turner covering Performance Media and Data Strategy.

What ad format are you most excited by right now?

Advertising excites me when it evolves and it’s finally happening across the traditional platforms. Advertisers must view ad units and metrics (i.e. muted vs non-muted digital video view, digital/linear viewability etc.) the same across all platforms to truly evaluate each channel equally. I have my eye, but not holding my breath, on channels that are coming of age like Digital Out-of-Home, Programmatic/Addressable TV or any ad format that can be dynamically inserted like Podcasts to target the correct consumer with minimal waste. Understanding how we interact with our fans across multiple channels and touchpoints should be the goal of tomorrow!

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Which ad campaign should brands be paying attention to right now? 

Uber would be the easiest answer because their current perception campaign focuses heavily on video that showcases their loyalty levels along with numerous safety options, but I love Peloton as a brand. They’re capitalizing on a fitness craze with traditional creative tactics showcasing sight, sound and motion to inspire consumers. They know their target audience, they strategically target their affluent audience, refresh creative often and they’re seeing success at such a high price point. The campaign could be forgettable; however, their frequency makes it hard NOT to know that this is an option out there for you.

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What is your superpower?

My superpower is influencing and accepting change. Our industry is changing daily, and it is beyond exciting! We must accept change from all channels, learn to bob and weave to meet campaign objectives and challenge all partners that are not changing quick enough to adhere to our needs. Siloed studies (i.e. brand lift studies at a partner level representing a small percent of the overall campaign) are not acceptable because advertisers need a full view of the media and this should include the walled gardens. If one partner says “no” try to find another partner that says “yes” to help you succeed.

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