Major Improvements to OmniVirt CMS

This week I am excited to let you know that this improved design has made its way into OmniVirt’s content management system. Our goal with this update is to make uploading, managing and editing your Virtual Reality and 360° videos and photos on OmniVirt’s platform easier and more intuitive. Here are the highlights from this week’s update:

New Video Editor – Available to all new videos

360 video CMS

Whether you are updating the metadata of your video or want to add interactive hotspots to a property tour, the new video editor should be a lot more intuitive to use and even more powerful. Now you can:

  • Easily add hotspots with a friendly UI that will allow your view to jump to your other 360° videos.
  • Upon the video end, you can select whether you want to loop the video, pause or continue playing a different video
  • Add a clickable label to drive you audience to a new destination URL

Ad Banner Preview. Try here

With the launch of our new ad templates two weeks ago, we wanted to make it easier to preview what these ads could look like across the web. So give it a try and convert one of the videos you have already uploaded to OmniVirt into an ad unit by simply visiting Ad Edit section.

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OmniVirt Team