Macallan works with OmniVirt to launch new interactive 360° VR experience

Premium whisky maker, Macallan, launched a new interactive 360° VR experience using OmniVirt’s 360 Video Player technology.

In The Macallan Distillery Experience (which you can access here), audiences can tour Macallan’s distillery in Scotland through 360° videos. The Experience is divided into 4 chapters: 1) Introduction, 2) An Architectural Accomplishment, 3) Untold Stories of Our Estate and 4) Explore Our Collection.

Audiences can click on interactive hotspots to discover more information, such as the distillery’s history. The content was produced by Blend Media.

Macallan is the latest brand to use interactive 360° video to tell a better, more engaging brand story. View our Customers page to see more interactive 360° brand stories.