even_fasterEveryone wants website with great performance. It has been proven that faster and more reliable websites always earn higher from their monetization. However, getting to understand your site performance can be tricky. There are many factors that contribute to site slowness, that your team may not know and missed them easily. To solve this problem, why not using a tool that analyzes your site and gives you all suggestions thoroughly? This would save you a lot of times and headaches.

We found this great tool, Google PageSpeed, which will turn this job to be much easier.

Below is a summary of all options that you can easily take actions right away.

  1. For AdsOptimal customers, just come to our website. Log in, then click on “Integration Status” tab in our “Get Code” page.
    We automatically run Google PageSpeed that measure your website performance give a score on a scale of 1 to 100. As long as the score stays above 80, your site has a really good performance to monetize well. Please note that we use only the site URL that you put during registration.Integration Status
  2. For other site URL, just enter it directly in Google PageSpeed Insight. After that, magic appear! The tool provides you the list of insightful suggestions that you can start improving your site today. Of course, this works for both mobile and desktop site.

    mobile insight
       desktop insight
  3. Would you like to get deeper technical information? Yes, you can get it from their Open Source extension, PageSpeed Insights for Google Chrome. In addition to PageSpeed functionalities, it gives example of better minified HTML, Javascript, CSS and compressed images! It also suggests best performance practices that you should know. To use it, open Google Chrome Developer Tools and navigate to PageSpeed tab.overview extension

    recommend minified js

    The tool even compared how optimized each minified javascript version is. You can download to check it.

  4. Are you looking for better optimization, that required more technical challenge?

In summary, Google PageSpeed gives us a simply way to improve our site performance page-by-page. Choose the right option for you and tune it up today for better ad revenues!

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