Immersive VR: Why should advertisers care?

Here at OmniVirt, we believe in the power of immersive VR. We work with brands and agencies in various industries to help them leverage VR/AR technology to increase brand engagement.

Immersive VR is part of the next wave of content

Content has experienced progressions over time in line with new user behaviors. Content shifted from incorporating photos to incorporating videos as users desired more visual storytelling. Today, users desire more agency and the ability to actively experience content (when the circumstance is right). Cue the next content wave: 3D models and VR/AR objects as immersive content formats that enable experiences.

immersive vr

It’s easy to be skeptical of future trends like VR. But think back to 2007, when online video was limited to grainy 4:3’s. Skeptics complained that video would never be compelling for quality short-form content. Today, video is the primary mode of sharing awesome content across social media. Brands are even shelling out thousands for six second stories on Snapchat.

Think of 2007 in online video as the 2018 in immersive content, VR, and AR. The technology will get there (and big tech giants are investing vast sums to make it happen).

Immersive content is about moving beyond the box

Part of the appeal of immersive content is that it can move beyond the “box”, whether that box is a banner ad, video player, or rectangular image. Users scroll through these boxes passively, but with immersive content, users have the ability to experience content in new ways.

They might use a VR headset so their full range of vision is fully immersed in content. They might look use their phone’s camera to place an AR object onto their desk so that their natural environment is now part of the content’s setting. They might move their phone around to watch a 360° video and explore content around their room instead of through a small phone screen.

immersive vr

Immersive content can be enhanced with user interaction

Immersion can be taken to the next level, too. Giving users the ability to further their discovery of content encourages deeper engagement.

Interactive 360° videos in particular have been proven to perform better for advertisers. Hotspots are an easy tool to both help guide the user in their discovery and to incorporate different CTAs. Advertising within immersive environments, too, can better engage users.

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