Deliver more engaging advertising with immersive VR

Content is everywhere, easily accessed and just as easily forgotten. As users quickly scroll and thumb through increasing amounts of content and ads, standard advertising formats just don’t cut it. In fact, flat ads and regular content are table stakes in today’s distraction-heavy world. To truly differentiate in the eyes of consumers, the world’s top brands like Google and Honda are looking to immersive VR to better engage and connect with audiences.

At OmniVirt, we believe the most accessible and powerful tool to engage audiences with their favorite brands is through 360° VR video ads.

360° VR video ads place audiences inside an experience and give them agency to interact as they please. A top automaker can give a potential car buyer a taste of what it’s like to sit in the driver’s seat at a race track…without a visit to the dealership. A luxury airline can transport a potential flyer to a first class cabin and interact with exclusive amenities. With 360° VR video ads, marketing campaigns shift from flashing a logo to creating compelling movement-based experiences where audiences can interact tactically with a brand’s offerings and be an active part of the brand.

In addition to the unique power of immersive storytelling, 360° VR video ads are also accessible. With advances in camera and stitching technologies, any rich 360° experience can easily be viewed on a mobile device or desktop. Brands find that this kind of access helps campaign distribution feasible, contributing to the goal of serving more ads with better engagement. And once VR hits the mainstream, 360°-savvy brands are well-equipped to lead the world of fully immersive content.

The magic of 360° VR marketing is real. And so are the results.

Let’s look at the immersive VR evidence.

360° video ads have been shown to have better relative performance, deeper and longer user engagement, and higher earned actions.

immersive vr
Immersive VR performance statistics

What could your campaign look like?

OmniVirt has been working with the world’s top brands to deliver immersive ad campaigns. Some of our favorite campaigns have taken advantage of contextualized surroundings in interesting ways.

1) Google’s The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

immersive vr

Allowed audiences to engage with scenic vistas that encourages exploring details, to promote Google’s content for the Cardboard

Different scenes allow audiences to engage with a foreboding character, enveloping viewers in a highly emotional and suspenseful experience to promote a new television show

3) Home Depot’s Built-In Immersive Pins on Pinterest

immersive vr

Home Depot brings Pinterest boards to life by creating a virtual home containing a curated selection of products

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