Hotspots Now Fully Interactive in VR Mode

Hotspots is an awesome feature that many of our users have taken advantage of to create interactive VR experiences. We have seen many of our users take advantage of this feature for real estate tours and interactive 360° narrative experiences. That is why we are excited to announce that we have launched support for Hotspots in VR mode. Now, when you gaze at a hotspot in your headset, you can gaze-through to the next piece of content.

So if you loved the way we seamlessly allow users to create hotspots for interactive 360° video, you will love how gazing at these hotspots in VR mode will take users on the same journey without any need to click or tap.

To get started using this feature, simply upload a video and add a hotspot from the “Advanced” tab in the “Edit Video” section of your account. Visit for more info.