180° 3D SBS Video Support on OmniVirt

While OmniVirt already supports 360° Videos and Photos, we heard from many of you that there was another format type that you wanted to be able to easily upload and stream. That is why last week we launched support for uploading 180° 3D videos. When you upload your content, simply select the correct rendering type and we will make sure that your experience is presented the way it should be.

180° 3D videos provide the ability for a clear point of view perspective without having to fill the entire 360° sphere. We look forward to seeing what awesome content gets uploaded with this new format.

So if you have 180° 3D videos, try uploading them at https://upload.omnivirt.com/

To learn more about how to create them, feel free to reach out to us at contact@omnivirt.com

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