5 Ads That Work: Engaging Audiences to Make Impact

Brands today don’t just want users to see their advertising; they want to make impact. They need Ads That Work.

Ads that work ares ones that make impact by getting audiences to actively engage with your brand. When advertising achieves this, brands are able to authentically connect with their customers and better communicate their value proposition.

Here’s our list of 5 Ads That Work:

Ads That Work #1: Takis 3D Bag of Chips

ads that work takis

Talk about engagement: users thumb through a 3D model of a Takis bag of chips or move their phone to rotate the bag. The bright purple of the display ad beckons and users have an opportunity to play with the brand’s product.

Ads That Work #2: IKEA’s Resize This Banner

ads that work ikea

IKEA nails the message of smartly using and configuring space by allowing a user to use and configure its ad.

It’s practically begging for engagement in a way that is less gimmicky and more focused on using the ad as an actual medium to try out its brand promise.

Ads That Work #3:  Home Depot’s Built In Pins

Home Depot launched a Pinterest campaign that utilized 360° video to allow users to “walk into” pins of DIY remodeled rooms and click on different items within those pins for purchase at Home Depot.

It combined utility with a neat interface that positioned Home Depot to be your partner in DIY needs.

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Ads That Work #4: Google Cloud’s Real-Time Final Four Predictions

ads that work google
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Google Cloud took a risk by running ads during the Final Four college basketball games: in these ads, they predicted in real-time the scores and other statistics for the games as they were occurring.

This gave audiences a way to check on Google’s bets just as they would their own and learn about Google Cloud’s analytics prowess.

Ads That Work #5: Audi’s takeover of ESPN

ads that work espn audi

Publishers are investing in high-quality, almost cinematic experiences for advertisers on their website. Audi took advantage by premiering a movie-like ad to promote the new Audi A7.

Why does this work? The content is rich in storytelling (#1 for alls ads that work) and is given the right canvas.