Free VR Player 101: What can you do?

When producers think of immersive media and technology, they think “expensive”. Production costs are inevitable but hosting and distribution doesn’t need to be hard. Our free VR Player meets your needs in a simple fashion.

The market for VR Players is growing, making it difficult for creators to pick and choose. It usually isn’t clear if the VR Player you’re researching is the right fit for you.

First, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where am I sharing my 360° content?
  • Do I need support for 360° video or photo? Or both?
  • How many views do I anticipate?
  • What resolution do I require?
  • Do I have customization needs?

To help out, we start off by breaking down what we can provide and then show you a sneak peek of our 360° content library, a collection of 360° videos and photos using free VR Player.

What features can our VR Player provide?

Omnivirt free VR Player


Our Free VR Player offers adaptive streaming across all web browsers, iOS, and Android. It also supports all formats: (180º/360º, 3D/2D, HD/4K/8K). We support 360° videos and photos.

Easy integration

It’s an easy copy and paste.

free vr player integration code


Create hotspots that allows users to engage more with your content. Customize the interactive UI (using HTML/CSS), link to other content (360° photos, 2d videos, and more), and craft an interactive journey.

Examples of Free VR Player uses

See what creators have uploaded to the OmniVirt platform (all for free).


An Anatomy course showcases their suturing practice (Viewer discretion advised):


Take a look around a science lab and learn the best practices for lab control:


Get a sneak peak at preparing certified angus beef in culinary school:


Like what you see? Create an account within seconds and use our free vr player.

Local Businesses

Advertise available spaces for rent:


Explore Cat Town, an adoption center and cat cafe!


Virtually sit down at your local restaurant and enjoy the view:


Have a business you want to showcase? Create an account and use our free vr player.


Travel to venice… now:


Discover the famous ice caves of British Columbia:


Fulfil your desires to visit Havana:


Capturing your travel in 360°? Create an account and use our free vr player.


Watch a friends wedding:


Share a snowboarding adventure:


Want to save a memorable moment? Create an account and use our free vr player.