Does Facebook Allow Boosting 3D Photo Posts as Ads?

On Facebook, marketers operating their business’ Facebook Page can boost their Page’s Posts using Facebook’s Ad Manager. This helps the content get broader reach targeted to that business’ desired audience.

As Facebook rolls out new content formats, like 3D Photo Posts, many marketers are wondering whether they can use these new formats in their marketing. While marketers CAN use 3D Photos in their marketing (we’ll explain how below), there’s a slight limitation on doing this on Facebook.

boost facebook 3d photo ad

Can I boost a 3D Photo Post?

Unfortunately, Facebook currently doesn’t allow Page admins to boost a 3D Photo Post as an ad. And it’s not just 3D Photos. Boosting Livestreams, Albums, and more isn’t supported either.

boost 3d photos facebook ad

What does this mean?

Don’t give up just yet.

You can still post on your Facebook page organically and hope for good reach (pro tip: share your post in relevant industry groups to broaden your organic reach).

As Facebook continues to develop its new content formats, we predict that the ability to boost 3D Photo Posts will be rolled out. We’ll update you on when this happens (follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn).

For now, you can create web display ads using 3D Photos, powered by OmniVirt.

See our live demos:


Create a Web Display Ad with 3D Photos

First, you’ll need to create a 3D Photo.

If you need to create a 3D Photo without having to take an iPhone Portrait Mode picture, you can use our FREE 3D Photo Creator Tool.

Next, you’ll need to packager your 3D Photo into a web display ad to begin your distribution.

To distribute your 3D Photo as a web display ad, contact us at with “3D Web Display AD” as the subject and we’ll get you started.