VR View Compatibility and Comparison to VR Optimal

If you are seeking a solution similar to VR View for Web but is more streamlined, user-friendly, and compatible all major platforms, you should check out VR Optimal.

Unlike open-source VR View, VR optimal is free from compatibility bugs, such as ability to support 360° video on all major web browsers (including on iOS). The service also provides content hosting. So, content creator can have a platform to distribute and share content without technical knowledge required.

Here are comparison between VR View and VR Optimal

 VR View (Web)  VR Optimal
Provide content hosting service  No  Yes
Support 360° video on iOS and all modern browsers  No  Yes
Allow variety of content dimensions ratios  No  Yes
Bug-free on rotation on cross-domain hosting  No  Yes
Provide video encoding service  No  Yes
Display 360° player inside Facebook  No  Yes

Source: VR View compatibility issues (last updated 3/30/2016)

You can see the preview of 360° video on the web below:
(You can also move your phone to look around)

To upload your content, please visit www.vroptimal.com