The New York Times Pushes Virtual Reality To Its Masthead

The New York Times continues to lead the publishing industry with its focus on Virtual Reality. Following up on its Grand Prixe victory at Cannes this year, The New York Times is now giving brands prime real-estate to showcase their VR/360° video to Times’ readers.

360 Video Ads on The New York Times Homepage

Today, Infiniti launched a campaign on The New York Times homepage, showcasing a 360° video campaign right in the masthead billboard. This is the first time a publisher has given a brand the ability to run a 360° video ad on its homepage in its masthead unit, and demonstrates the continued investment brands and publishers are making in this new medium.

360° VR Video on The New York Times Masthead Position

In May, during the Digital Content NewFronts, the Times doubled down on its commitment to Virtual Reality as a new revenue opportunity. The company announced six new digital video series and talked up its push into 360° videos. Today, we are seeing scalable media inventory and ad products to support this strategy.

To bring this strategy to life, The New York Times has partnered with OmniVirt, 360° Video and Virtual Reality advertising platform for brands and publishers.

OmniVirt 360 Video VR Ads

The biggest challenge today for Virtual Reality is scale. With OmniVirt’s technology, publishers can seamlessly turn their existing inventory into premium 360° video ad units and brands can now distribute their 360° video content at scale.

So if you are looking to solve the distribution challenge around VR today, please reach out. Contact us at so we can help make sure that your Virtual Reality strategy scales.