OmniVirt Powers VR/360 ° Video on Twitter

Last year, YouTube and Facebook both launched support for 360° video within their core app experiences. Up until now, the solution to run a 360° video on Twitter still required you to tweet a link to YouTube that usually resulted in the following experience. There must be a better way of doing this on Twitter, right?

twitter 360 video how-to

That is why OmniVirt has built an easy way to power 360° Video right from the Twitter feed. One Tap to Virtual Reality. We enable 360° video to be viewed right from Twitter feed. Why take your Twitter audience away from Twitter?

360 video on twitter how-to

And it is super simple to do. Just upload your existing 360° to OmniVirt Upload (we accept the same formats as YouTube), and then tweet your OmniVirt video link on Twitter. The 360° Card will automatically get created for you. And your audience doesn’t need to leave Twitter or open a new app to experience this.

And if you want to customize the experience, simply log-in to your advanced editor and change the text or customize the HTML of the video. We support both organic and promoted tweets, with no additional work required.

So tweet for your first 360° video today and contact us at if you have any questions.

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