OmniVirt Helps Washington Post Power Virtual Reality Everywhere

Last week, Lexus launched a VR360° exploration of NASA mission control on The Washington Post. You may be asking, why is this special? Many brands and publishers have been investing in Virtual Reality content creation, no? Well, to date, the solution has been to upload that experience into a native VR app, which creates an additional barrier to discovery.

Washington Post VR Everywhere

With this execution, Washington Post, for the first time, has been able to power a VR360° experience across all its platforms (including headset display) right from a video embed on the its website.

To help clarify what this looks like, watch this video:

Washington Post and Lexus Power Virtual Reality Everywhere

This three part series takes its audience on a journey of historical importance. From exploring outer-space to standing in NASA’s mission control, this immersive story is only a click or tap away.

At OmniVirt, we believe strongly in the future of Virtual Reality. We also believe for Virtual Reality to become mass market, people need to easily access the content. Imagine if every website required you to download an app before using it. The challenge today for brands and marketers investing in Virtual Reality is distribution and discovery. By enabling a publisher like The Washington Post and a brand like Lexus to drive discovery of a fully immersive VR experience right from an embed with not need to download a special VR app, we believe we are paving the wave for Virtual Reality to become even more mainstream.